Northern Burlington Soccer Club is a non-profit organization located in Northern Burlington NJ, whose purpose is to promote good citizenship and leadership qualities in the youth of our community, through example and adult supervision. We feel this aim can best be served by encouraging athletic participation in an organized, youth oriented sports program. We invite each parent to join the total effort. Northern Burlington Soccer Club is an open club! Athletes from all townships are welcome!  

Our player code of conduct equates to success!

1. I promise to give 100% effort at training and in games

2. I promise to do everything in my power to assure the team has outstanding chemistry.

3. I promise to arrive early and stretch before practice begins

4. I promise to be willing to play in any playing position that is asked of me.

5. I promise to notify coach if I am injured.

6. I promise to not compete (guest) in other competitions or with any other Clubs without notifying my Coach and gaining his/her approval.

7. I promise to guest for other teams within the Club if asked

8. I promise to make younger players feel comfortable

9. I promise to encourage and mentor in a positive way all of the players younger than me with the Club

10. I promise to maintain a positive attitude during all Activities.

11. I promise to display good sportsmanship at all times.

12. I promise to play for the good of the game.

13. I will be a good soccer citizen and conduct myself with class and dignity at all times.

Provide a forum for the children of the Northern Burlington Soccer Club the ability to participate in an advanced level of competition and retain the highest level of training possible resulting in the highest quality teams possible. These teams will be positioned to grow and develop while competing at multiple levels.  SJGSL, SJSL, JAGS, EDP, NPL and more.